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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My experiment- update

I posted about a week or so ago that I was taking the TVs away from the kids.  And I did.  It was interesting, because Sebastian hardly reacted to the actual removal of the TVs.  He just said "We can watch TV later, right, Mommy?"  And I agreed.

Sawyer on the other hand freaked out.  I mean FREAKED. OUT.  Like grabbing the cord and trying to pull the TV out of my hands.  Following me into the basement (I stashed the TVs in Geoff's comic room), crying the whole way.  Hitting me in the back.  Trying to kick my ankles.  Yeah, it was like that.  And she really doesn't watch that much TV to begin with.

The one concession I made was that we could have TV time before bed.  We take turns each night, and we get to pick the movie to watch.  Sebastian had the first turn, and picked Justice League.  Sawyer was next and picked Bolt.  I went third and picked Beauty and the Beast.  It seems to be going pretty well.  Everyone sits and watches the movie in my bed.  There is clean up time before hand, and if the bedrooms aren't clean, there is no TV. 

The last couple of days has been a challenge.  It has been super hot, and that has been limiting outside play, especially for Sebastian who tends to be more affected by the heat.  With his leg, it is hard to find things for him to do, that are active and engaged, that will take his mind off the TV.  So I have been a bit lax.  Also, Geoff has been allowing him to play on the laptop.  I am worried that he is going to trade one obsession for the other.  I have had to lay down the law a couple of times this weekend in regards to the laptop, and there have been some tears. 

I am trying not to get discouraged or lazy.  I know it is a work in progress, and it will likely be a challenge from now until forever.  But, I think it is worthwhile, and I am super proud of both of them.
Also, it makes days like yesterday extra special.  We had a Toy Story marathon, and the kids loved it.  Sawyer got out a broom and Sebastian's old cowboy hat and played cowgirl.  Sebastian critiqued the merits of Toy Story 2 over Toy Story 3 (3 has a scary bear and is full of scary things.  2 has a big chicken/man which is apparently funnier.)

Anyway, we are gonna keep at it, and keep trying.  Wish me luck!!

Rosie N. Grey
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