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Dorothy Allen

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Just a couple of updates:

Potty Training- today we have Poop!!!

Sawyer went #2 in the potty for the very first time ever today.  All I had to do was promise her an ice cream cone.  She has been doing amazing with going pee and has even started waking up in the night to go pee.  She sometimes wets the bed but that's ok.  We are well stocked with bed pads. 

I am so proud of her.  She desparately wants to go to school and told me immediatly after she pooped that she "can go to my school now."  What a doll.

Broken leg- starting to walk again!

Sebastian was recast last week and they changed the position of his foot.  Because of that, he stopped walking.  It is in an awkward position (for him) so he feels very unstable and unsafe.  But finally he has started trying and is walking better now.  He goes back again this Thursday, and they will probably recast again (hello red cast, good bye $60).

Other than that, he is doing really well when it comes to his cast.  We give him baths with his leg in a bag, hanging out of the tub.  He seems pretty happy with that.

Fairy Garden- coming along!

I got some teacups and saucers today that we are going to use in the garden.  They can be a dining room table for a fairy dinner party, or a little pool for a fairy swim.  I thought they would add some fun and variety to the garden.  I also got a fun Princess box.  It is going in the garden and Sawyer will have to check it periodically.  Any new fun stuff or new fairies will be in the box.  She already knows that it is magic- her magic box.  (I already know for Sebastian's garden, I will do the same thing.  But I want to bury the box, with the lid at ground level, with an X on top.  X marks the spot for treasure, you know.  )

It hink that's about it...good times, so far!

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "news".

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