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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pretty Girl

Last Saturday, just before Easter, I decided that Sawyer should get a hair cut.  I have trimmed her bangs a bunch of times, and I have also cut her hair once, about a year and a half ago.  She had so many curls and she hated (and still does) having her hair brushed that it just knotted up like crazy.  So I ended up cutting about 3 inches off the end of her hair.  It was not without it's consequences, since she lost alot of the curl on her top layers of hair. 

Her "Before" shot
So I finally decided that she should have a real haircut, since they could maybe do something that would bring some of the curl back.  I called Young Headz, which is a salon that specializes in kids, and got a same day appointment.  Geoff and I started preparing Sawyer for the adventure.  She was not happy and cried that she "didn't want to go to the salon".  She only turned around when Geoff told her that it was really a Princess store, and they would make her into a princess. 

Waiting patiently for her turn
She and I headed out.  We got there a bit early, which was good, because she needed time to adjust.  It was a busy place and she was totally and completely intimidated.  She clung to my leg and demanded to be picked up.  She whispered in my ear "What is going to happen here?"  I told her she was getting a hair cut.  Her big blue eyes welled up with tears and with a shaking, heart breaking voice, she whispered "Please Mommy, I don't want a hair cut.  Please, I just want to go home!"

Getting her hair washed.  Not happy about it, but doing it.

Letting the girl comb out the tangles.  I am never allowed to do this. 

So Serious.  But not crying, so a good thing.
I talked her into staying, just to "wait and see".  Eventually she played with some of the toys and watched the other kids getthing their hair done.  One little girl came out with a manicure and Sawyer was enthralled.  The same girl had sparkles in her hair, and that sent my little one over the top.  She HAD to have sparkles too (luckily they do the spray with every hair cut.)

We ended up waiting about 30-45 minutes, since they were running behind.  When it was finally Sawyer's turn, she was very, VERY brave.  She walked right over to the pink car chair (we waited a little extra time, just to get the chair) and got right in.  I agreed to have the girl do a hair wash, thinking it would be a fight like home.  However, Sawyer was good as gold.  She did at one point, sneak her little hand out from under her zebra striped cape, and searched for mine.  We locked fingers tight, and all was well.

She ended up doing so great!  They cut her hair into layers, to give more movement and let the curls underneath show through.  They even used the hair dryer, which she had never had before!
She got her sparkle spray, and I even got a little bag of her hair, from her first "real" haircut.  For the rest of the day, whenever anyone asked about her haircut, she would immediately hang her head.  People thought she was scared, or nervous and didn't want to talk about it.  Truth is, she was letting them see her sparkly shiney do. 

She is busy watching Dora here, so she can't look at me. 
Just before the hair dryer came out.

My girly girl.  <3
All done, sparkly and even got a sucker!  Pretty lady!
Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "natural beauty, with a little help, of course!"

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