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Dorothy Allen

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coupons, the extreme version

I am part of alot of committees at work.  Part of that is because I feel the need to be involved, in order to "overachieve" enough to get a good yearly bonus, and part is because I get bored easily and want to have my fingers in a bunch of different pies. 

One of the committees I am involved with is the Women's Network for Niagara.  We organize the annual Internation Woman's Day Celebration in March, along with a bunch of other events throughout the year.  We do the Watering Can flower arranging courses, we are doing a cooking class with the GCSS, we just did a Mother's Day silent auction with proceeds going to Gillian's Place and I run a virtual book club.

One other thing that we try and do fairly regularily is called a "Chat and Chew".  People (yes, men are invited to everything, of course!) can come in on their break or lunch and learn about whatever the specific topic of that session is.  We have one coming up on May 30, and the topic we picked is Extreme Couponing.

As it turns out, there are a couple of ladies in our call centre that are living the life.  As I sat and listened to them talk today, at our pre-meet, I would catch my mouth dropping.  It is AMAZING!  The things that they do is simply remarkable.  I am totally inspired. 

One of the ladies used to work on the same client I used to work for, and reported to Geoff, so I know her and we chat.  I am going to pick her brain for everything I can.  She blogs on some of the sites, so I am going to check that out too. 

This is coming at a perfect time too.  Money is tight around here, you all know that.  I am trying to stretch a dollar as far as I can.  That this opportunity is coming up, at this exact right time, is almost too fortutious.  It makes me believe my positive and grateful thinking is delivering what I need.  It might not be in the way I expected, but it is definitely a gift.

So, in the coming weeks, as I learn more and more about this, I might just have stories to share of great deals, prizes won and all sorts of crazy wonderfulness.  I can't wait!!

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new project!"

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