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Dorothy Allen

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lowest of the Low

This past week, Geoff did me a solid and downloaded some Lowest of the Low to my ipod.  He had mentioned how they were playing a FREE (!!!!) show at Art Park and one of his friends was going.  It got me to thinking about how I had their one album on cassette (yes, cassette) but didn't have it any longer.  I missed them, and wanted to hear them again.

He downloaded "Shakespeare, My Butt" for me.  I love this album.  It would probably rank up there with some of my favorites of all time.

As I worked yesterday, I listened to the album, start to finish 3 times.  Then I went back and listened to specific songs over and over again.  And the memories...oh the memories just flooded back.

It reminds me of being in college.  I went to college in Lindsay, ON, at Sir Sandford Fleming Frost Campus.  I took Fish and Wildlife Technology.  I am sure I have talked about this before. 

There are certain smells and sights and sounds that will instantly take me back to that time.  The smell of wet wool, certain beers (anyone remember Wildcat??) and especially songs.  There was a feel to the time that I spent there.  Not all of it was great (hello, room-mate drama!), but a lot of it really, really was.  It was the first time I had lived away from home.  I was doing stuff that I really loved.  I met amazing people, and had so many adventures.  I felt independant, and developed alot of who I wanted to be in those months and years away.  I learned what I liked (boys with big arms, flannel, frozen eyelashes, draft beers, night fishing, The Grand chicken wings and 241 Pizza) and what I didn't like (high maintenance anyone, doing dishes, skeezy boys, and Heavy Equipement class.) 

These songs seem like they were written for that time and that place and those people that I was around.  I saw myself in the songs and I could faces to the names.  Some of the lyrics still resonate with me. 
"Everything I learned about you, I learned through the pit of my stomach, anyway."
"There is something coersive, in the way some people smile.  Wide open as if to say, come on in and browse awhile".
"Let's take a walk down to The Only, and drink until our kidneys fail".

Just fun and awesome.  I can't do them justice here.  I can't seem to get my point across, what is rattling around in my head, down on (virtual) paper. 

Suffice it to say, I love Lowest of the Low.  If you love them too, next time we are together, let's throw some on, have some beers and sing along.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "now, it's all I am listening to".

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