"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Still the same

The last couple of days have been tough on my weightloss journey.  I have had too many carbs, and it has been reflected with a bit of a weight game (about a pound, but still).  I had skipped my workout yesterday, because I just wasn't feeling it, and I was tired and grumpy.  It happens, I know.  I also know that it's not how hard or how often you fall, but how you recover that counts.

I recovered today.  After a full day (out the door at 730 this morning, spend the day volunteering in Toronto, back in the Falls at 8pm, actually in the door and home by 920pm), I did manage to squeeze in my full work out (40 minutes) tonight from 1040 to 1120pm.  Crazy I know, but it has to be done. 

As I said, the days have been a bit rough.  Just a bit of a downward swing.  I will work through it, when I have a bit of a weightloss again and will feel better and more motivated.  Plus, I had some motiviation and external validation today.

Three separate people today told me they didn't even recognize me.  It ws to the point that one of the girls asked me if there was something she could help me with, while I was standing in the front entrance of work.  She thought I was a visitor.  When I spoke to her, thinking she was just being polite, she started laughing and told me she had had no idea who I was.  :)  I should have known better!  The others weren't as bad, but rather doubletakes, because they didn't really know who I was at first glance.  I am taking that as compliments. 

The best part though is the people who are deciding to try PINK Method because of Val and myself.  That I could possible inspire someone else to try one more time, and to try something new is remarkable.  It is helping to give me that extra motivation that I am needing right about now.  I don't want to let them down.  I want to hit my goal weight, so that I can show them that if I can do it, LITERALLY anyone can do it.  I was a worst case scenario.  If I can get healthy and thinner, then anyone can.  And I am kind of proud of the fact that I can help people get there. 

This week alone, I emailed out the PINK Method website 7 times.  I know not everyone will stick with it.  Not everyone will even try.  But if one does, and succeeds...well, that would be the best thing ever. 

So, while I might look a little different, and maybe I don't act the way you remember, I am still the same.  There is just a little less of me.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new outlook".

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