"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A mini adventure in Sawyer Land

Geoff and I had a nice talk on the last day of our camping trip.  We talked about my future and what I could do for a living and more importantly, what I WANTED to do for a living.

While there are lots of things I am interested in, and thinks that I would love to do and earn money at, one of the major ones is and always has been writing.  I would love to write for a living.  I was never disciplined enough, and confident enough in my abilities to try.

This blog was an attempt to test the waters.  To see if I could still write, since I hadn't done it with any regularity in a whole lotta years.  So far, it's going pretty good.  I think I am doing well, people seem to like what I have to say, and I am enjoying myself.

What I do need to do, however, is find my focus.  I need to figure out what it is that I want to say.  What people would like to learn about me and mine.  I don't want to be super focused and narrow in my scope, by only focusing on one aspect of my life (like, say autism).  But it would be nice to have an overall feel for the blog and my communications.  I feel very likely that my family will be much of that theme.

One thing Geoff has recommended is keeping track of all the little crazy things that happen around our house.  The little day to day things that always seem to slip my mind when it comes time to sit down and write my blog.  So, moving forward, I am going to try and track these things and write 2 blogs a week- one dedicated to Sawyer (Adventures in Sawyerland) and one dedicated to Sebastian (the title is to be determined! :).

So, I do have a funny story to share.  Of course, it involves Sawyer, my crazy red-headed 3 (soon to be 4) year old.

My brother has been working in our yard for the past month- mainly on weekends, but occasionally through the week as well.  Sunday night, he and I were sitting on the patio, after he had worked most of the day in the yard.  I had helped as much as I could, but had been busy through much of the day working in the house, trying to get the household in order, now that I am the primary caretaker (Geoff is moving onto the store as his primary focus).

So, Adam and I sat and chatted.  It was nice, and shady and breezy and cool.  Sawyer came traipsing out of the house to interrupt (that is her latest party trick, interrupting people.  She does it on purpose and I am trying very hard to hold my patience and teach her not to do this any more).

Adam was facing her and caught sight of her first.  When he quickly averted his eyes, I knew just then what she was wearing.

"Sawyer", I said, "why are you naked??"

She was already laughing.  She knows how exasperated I get with her willingness to shed her clothing as quickly as possible.

"Momma, I have a problem".

I turned to look at her.  She had turned around at the top of the porch stairs and her little bum was on full display.

"Something's stuck, Momma.  Can you help?"

Even Adam couldn't resist checking for himself.  We turned and sure enough, an empty ziploc sandwich bag is firmly wedged between her cheeks.  She is laughing and wiggling so much, it's making funny noises as it flaps in the breeze.

I love that the first full blown belly laughs from me and Adam on my new patio were courtesy of Sawyer.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new story every day".