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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Hearts Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  I usually decorate, but this year, we were in Windsor all weekend, and I have been feeling remarkable un-ambitious, so no decoration was completed.  In fact, I actually forgot it was coming up, until my mom reminded me last week to pick up valentines for Sebastian for school.

So, since we really didn't make any plans or discuss it in any way, imagine my surprise when Geoff got me prezzies! :)  I got a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers- my favorite! I love the mix and the colours in the mixed bouquets, as compared to just roses etc.  I also got presents- Supernatural DVDs, a case for my camera, chocolate/pretzel M&Ms (my favorite!!) and the Season 2 Glee CD.  Score!! 

I had asked Geoff to stop on his way home and pick up something for the kids.  He did great, and got Sebastian a copy of James and the Giant Peach, and Sawyer got a set of colour books, which she was thrilled about.

The best part though, was the fact that Geoff bought 2 roses for his Rosie.  He told me later that he wanted to be the first boy to buy her flowers.  That made me cry.  :)

So, even though I totally dropped the ball, and didn't get Geoff anything! (I know, I know...I am horrible!!!) he gave us all a great day. Thanks, honey!!

Just as an aside, Geoff also gave me my favorite Valentine's day gift ever.  Back when we were dating, Geoff bought a package of valentines, like the ones that kids give out at school.  He literally filled out each and every one of them, with little things.  Sometimes it was just a bit of poem or song, and some were coupons- like letting me pick the movie or the restaurant.  It was just so creative and thoughtful.  It showed effort, that he had taken the time and sat down and writen them all out.  I still think about it. <3

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for hearts 'N flowers.

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