"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Karma

I believe in karma.  I believe that if you do good in this life, then good will come to you.  I believe the opposite as well, that your bad deeds will come back to you, as well.  That philosophy has calmed my temper and helped me get past certain events and people in my life. 

I try to do good works- I volunteer, I am generous with my time and money, and trying to be more generous with my compliments (but sometimes it's hard to remember).  I try to be genuinely happy for others, and to stay positive, and be a force of good in the universe. It is hard to do sometimes, 'cause some people really piss me off and I have a natural, genetic pre-disposition towards pessimism and unhappiness.  I can recognize it in others, and work against or away from it, but have trouble seeing it in myself, until after the fact.  I guess the fact that I am self-aware enough to know that it exists in me means that I am working in the right direction.

The other night, Geoff and the kids and I went to the library.  Geoff wanted to check out some books on photography, and I just love the library and hadn't been in a long time.  While I was browsing, I randomly pulled a book off the shelf to read the back.  The back was covered in reviews (which annoys me) so I had to open the front flap.

Tucked under the plastic of the front flap was a signed cheque for $200.

I think it speaks volumes about me that my first reaction wasn't "Score!!!"  Not once, until much later, did I even think about keeping it. 

I went to the girl at the desk and explained to her what I had found.  I showed her the book (I hadn't taken the cheque out.)  There was a name and address on the cheque but no phone number.  I thought she could figure out who checked it out last and give them a call.  Whether she did or not, I will never know.  I assume she did, I assume all went well.

So, that was my good karma deposit for the day.  I hope it pays off some day.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new age mumbo jumbo."

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