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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grossest Thing Ever

You guys know that I hate spiders.  For some reason, at night, my van is always covered in them.  I hate it and it makes me not want to go outside when the sun is down.

The other night, we were out of Sebastian and Sawyer's milk, and pretty much all other liquid forms of refreshement (other than tap water) so I was forced to leave the house.

I hurried and climbed in the van, and did the quick brush down of my hair, in case any of the little disgusting hell-spawn had fallen in to it, when I was climbing in.  I started the van and the headlights came on.

There were 6 spiders on my windshield.  *shivers*  Blech.

Of course, I immediately hit the windshield wipers, to hopefully kill them, or at least brush them off. 

The one right in front of my eyes was just at the furthest reach of the wiper.  It's back half got snagged by the wiper.  Basically, the spider was torn in two.

The gross part?  The fucking thing was still alive.  It's front half continued to crawl around.  It had 3 legs and just kept walking and lurching around.

Arg.  I knew they were from the devil.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stand for kNew it.

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