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Friday, October 14, 2011

Naturally Super

Last weekend, me and my fellow nerds travelled to far off TO, to join lots and lots of other nerds in a ridculous event of hero-worship.  Yep, Supernatural Weekend.

Friday started with work.  I didn't want to leave my team hanging, so I logged in early, and got my work done in good time.  I was done by 9am, and really, really wanted a nap.  But since I had worked the night before until late, I hadn't packed, so my morning was dedicated to that. 

Dawn came by and picked me up shortly after 10am.  We made a brief pitstop at Future Shop to get a charger for her iPod, so we wouldn't have to miss a second of our Supernatural Music Mix.  Yeah, it's like that.  :)

Then we headed out, picked up Val and hit the road.  I really don't watch TV much at all, so I had spent the days before trying to frantically get caught up on the previous season and what had happened so far in this year's episodes.  Unfortunately, I didn't, so I made the girls give me the low down, so that it wouldn't get spoiled for me in a bad way when I was up there.

We made it to the hotel in awesome time.  We checked in, and just happened to get one of the last clean rooms.  Shannon, who Val was staying with, ended up having to work until about noon, so she didn't make it up until around 430.  Val lugged her stuff into our room, and we started prepping for the weekend.  First things first- find the ice machine.  3 floors, an elevator trip and a janitor later, we found one.  Being the geniuses that we are, we carried the garbage can and ice bucket to fill up.  As it turned out, it was the only trip to the ice machine we needed.  We packed all our drinks in ice, to get them nice and chilled and headed out to explore. 

We went over and registered with the convention.  Matt Cohen was talking - we call him Little John- so we ducked in and listened to him for a bit.  He was about 4 feet from mine and Dawn's seats, so we had to duck and cover to get past him.  He was charming and sweet, and once he was done, we headed out for lunch.

Montana's was right next to the hotel, and it smelled awesome, so that is where we went.  We took the obligitory first drink of the weekend photos, when Dawn and I ordered a pitcher of yummy deliciousness called "Big Momma's afternoon lemonade" or somethign like that.  Val had whisky and maple in another delicous sounding drink, and then we ate.  I was starting to get that old familiar toasty feeling, which I took as a good omen.

We went back to the hotel and checked out the vendors.  Val got a necklace, and I got a shotglass and a t-shirt.  Dawn picked up some pictures to be signed later.  We really didn't have much to do at that point, so we headed back to the room for more bevvies (noticing a trend here?!?!)  Gabriel Tigerman and Elias something or other were talking, and we really didn't care.  So, back for beers and whisky and some nice chillaxing.

Shannon finally made it up, after we texted her to keep her company while she waited in traffic.  Shortly after, we headed back to the con for signature time.  Mine and Dawn's package included most signatures, while Shannon and Val had opted out of them.  That meant that we sat in 2 different areas and Dawn and I had some additional things on our agenda that they didn't.  We tried to not let that impact our good time, and spent as much time together as we could.  We brought Val and Shannon up to sit with us as much as possible, since the 2 seats beside us never did get filled (except for the last day, when a woman and her handicapped son got bumped up to better seats.  I certainly didn't mind sharing my space with them. :)

The first night, we got Matt Cohen's autography, Gabriel Tigerman, Amy something or other and Richard Speight.  Dawn picked up on my idea from last year and found a '67 Impala diecast model to have them sign.  I had found a replicated license plate (yeah, the car is a big deal in the show.) 

We were a hit!!  Since it was the first year of the show in TO, I would say 90% of the people there were there for the first time.  So most of them were buying pictures and having them signed.  Dawn with her car especially got noticed.  Everytime she or I carried it somewhere, someone would comment- usually dripping with envy.  :)  My license plate got more notice on the later days.  We figure next year- there will be cars and license plates all over that place.  We are trendsetters.

Gabriel Tigerman was an unexpected hit.  He was very sweet, and was talking so much with all the fans that they had to create a new line for him.  When Dawn got to him, she told him to write anything he wanted- "The first thing that comes to your mind!"  Her photo says "To Dawn, Aardvaarks are the coolest! Gabriel Tigerman".
Not to be outdone, I told him the same thing.  Now, I had brought John's journal, for the lesser stars to sign, since there is limited space on the license plate.  He was the first to sign it.  Mine says
Bagpipes remind me of South Africa.
Gabriel Tigerman"

Needless to say, I am now a fan. :)

We went for dinner at Jack Astors.  Sometime durring dinner, I discovered that I had been given a magical knife.  For reals.  It was magnetic and would connect to spoons, forks and other knives.  I must have had more to drink than I thought, because I was really fascinated with it.  Of course, I stole the knife. 

Friday night was the night of the kareoke party.  Last years's was amazing.  So unexpected and absolutely insane.  I am sad to say that Dawn and I talked about it incessantly to Val and Shannon, building it up and building it up, until nothing could have matched their expectations.

Unfortunately, this years was a wash out.  Boo.  Sad Face.

It didn't start until about 45 minutes after it was supposed to.  They kept the lights on, so it felt like a grade school dance.  The sound was horrible and you couldn't see anything.  No one sang Supernatural songs.  Shannon left after about half an hour in disgust.  Val left about 30 minutes after that.  Dawn and I decided to try and stick it out to the end, mainly because we had travellers in my purse and didn't feel like walking all the way back to the room.  It did get a bit better- there was fake Madonna behind us playing Tetris with her hands, and Weird Girl on the stage. Amy What's-her-name was hammered drunk, and very sweet and funny.  Gabe and Elias were funny and endearing. There were incredibly annoying fangirls everywhere, just ripe for the mocking. 
While we did ultimately stay out until about 230 in the morning, it wasn't as good as last year.  I think Dawn and I were going to write a letter about it.  I will have to remember to do that.

I have to get the kids' dinner ready.  I will finish the weekend later.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "nerd".

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