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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Summer Project

Geoff and I have been having some interesting conversations lately.  We have been talking about goals, and wishes and where and how we want to get to where we are going.  Some stuff we knew already (I want a farm, he wants a comic shop).  Some stuff was new (I think about homeschooling and Geoff wants a comic shop.)  Some stuff was just nice to talk about (I want to be more engaged as a wife and mother and Geoff wants a comic shop. :o)

Just kidding.  Geoff wants more than a comic shop, but it is a big one. 

One of the things that we both agreed on was family fun times, and building memories.  Geoff's parents travelled all the time.  They did tons of stuff together, and now that Kit is gone, at the very least, Kathy has some amazing memories that the two of them built together.  They didn't wait for retirement, but lived life on their terms, in the way that made them both happiest.  And at least from that persepective, her regrets are probably minimal (hopefully, there are none at all.)

Geoff and I want that.  For each other and the kids.

Now, let combine that with our new, more frugal lifestyle.  Down to one income, with therapy and meds and nursery school and everything else, vacations are really at the bottom of the priority list.  But we want to think of something we can do, close to home, on the cheap, but still building memories and having fun.

One of the blogs I read, Small Things.  She lives in Virginia, and her family of 8 spend their summers travelling across the state looking for the Remarkable Trees of Virginia.  They tie it into their history lessons, science lessons and just family get aways.  So, Geoff and I are thinking about doing something similiar.  Finding a common theme of things to see or experience here in Ontario.  Something that will teach our kids and ourselves. 

What that is, I don't know.  Are we going to travel and see the amazing, large things all over, like the Sudbury nickel, the big pike, the mudcat in Dunnville (cheating!  Already seen that!)?  Or are we going to visit the different provincial parks and what they have to offer?  I don't know.  If you have any ideas, I would love it.  Let me know, and maybe that will be the best thing my family has ever done.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "nothing but fun".

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