"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Friday, July 13, 2012


On Wednesday night, Geoff and I went to go see one of my favourite bands, Lowest of the Low.  They were playing a free concert at Artpark in Lewiston, NY.  Although I didn't realize it at the time, it was a night of reunions.
The band.
The whole reason we were there
 Firstly, the actual band itself.  I don't know if they broke up, or went on a hiatus, or whatever the heck they call it.  All I know is that they used to play, and now, not so much.  Haven't had an album out in God knows how long.  I have blogged about them before, so I won't get into why I like them so much, but I was THRILLED to have a chance to go and listen and watch.  

We went with friends of ours, Barb and Bill.  They had read the blog post I had done about LotL and decided that we should all be attending.  My mom and dad agreed to the babysit requirement, and we were good to go!

We have been friends with Barb and Bill for a long, long time.  Geoff and Barb met originally through a comic book shop that they both worked at.  Barb was the only girl, and because Geoff was with me and isn't an actual lecherous ass, he didn't hit on her constantly, so they got along well.  I really liked Barb too, and when Geoff thought about including her in our wedding party, I was thrilled.  When she ran into a boy she used to know at my stag and doe, she never looked back.  Although I had absolutely nothing to do with them getting together, I do like to claim 95% of the credit.  I'm cool like that.

me and Barb and her amazing glasses
So, now we were Barb and Bill and Anita and Geoff.  We saw each other lots, hung out, watched movies, and drank.  Then Geoff and I started having babies and while the fun slowed down, it didn't stop.  And now, years and years later, we are still friends.  We just don't see each other as much as we should.  Life gets in the way, somehow.  We work, and live and yet, we don't seem to make the time or the effort to connect.  Facebook is great because at least I know they are still alive, and we can at least interact virtually, but of course, it's not the same.

this pose is actually called "The Bill".
I have a version of it from every single time we have gotten together.
I should do a photo montage of them. 
Any time I see one of those quotes about having people in your life that should be there, and making time for the important things, B&B are almost always in the top 5 of my lists of to-do's.  To reconnect, to talk to, to explain, to call, to tell them how important they are.  Good intentions, but not always carried through on.  Again, life gets in the way.

So, when they asked us to go, even though it was a Wednesday and I had to work the next day (not just work, get up at 530 am, so that I could be on the road at 630am, to catch a 730am train to make a 930 am meeting in down town Toronto!), I said yes.  Yes.  YES!  And I am so glad I did.

We went to their place, had dinner and drinks and caught up on stuff.  We headed over, nicely toasted (except Geoff, the DD) and the fun continued.  We talked and laughed and drank and sang.  And I was reminded why I was friends with them in the first place.  Because they are good people, great friends.  I missed them so much.
me and Bill
The last reunion of the night was with another friend of mine, Tony.  Tony and Geoff and I all went to high school together.  I have posted about Tony before, so again, I won't waste anyone's time or bore them too much with a re-hash.  Anyway, the whole reason I even know about LOTL is because of Tony.  He makes awesome mixed tapes.  :)

When Geoff went visiting on Wednesday to say hi to some of his friends, he came back and told me that Tony was there.  When he (finally!) made his way over to say hello, I was so happy to see him.  While we very rarely see each other anymore, and are really not involved in each other's lives at all, outside of the yearly Christmas card, and running into each other at funerals, he will ALWAYS be a piece of my life.  I will always think of him when I hear certain songs.  I will always have Tony stories to tell.  And I will always, ALWAYS be happy to see him.

We chatted and had some laughs.  There was a fantastic moment, where I HUGELY misheard what he said, and I must have laughed for about 10 minutes over it.  I love when that happens anyway, it's one of my favorite forms of social interaction, but in this case, it was great, because it was Tony and it was funny and the laugh was real and genuine and from the gut.  :D

Tony and me
I have the worst smile here.
So, my night of reunions was poignant and wonderful.  I got goosebumps, literally, on my arms when they played Rosie And Grey.  I always tear up a little when Tony hugs me. I got to talk books with someone that loves them as much as me (that's you, Barb!)  And I have a sore spot on my arm from fighting and punching Bill (he hits back hard.  He doesn't care that I am a girl.  I love that about him.)

What a great night.  Thanks to you all.  Much, much love.
me and Geoff

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "now, we are together".


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time....I to have been starting to actually catch up with some old friends face to face (having been talking to them on facebook for quite a while) remembering why we used to get along so well and just having a good time...I think it's something important we all need to do on a regular basis...those old friendships that have stood the test of time are there for a very good reason

    1. Great point, Katrina. Facebook is wonderful for finding people, but nothing replaces actually getting together, and feeling that connection with someone you thought you had lost or forgotten.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. He's your "Andrew". I'm so happy and a little envious that he's still around to have these run ins and catch ups. Good for you both! <3