"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Every time they speak, they just vomit nerd".

So, my supernatural weekend is done and gone.  Boo.  It was great and fun and hilarious, and most of that is due to the two ladies I travelled with- my sister, Dawn and my good friend, Val. 



The weekend started with a crazy long drive.  We all planned to sleep a bit before leaving, but that didn't unfold as we wanted.  I managed to get about an hour of broken sleep, but the other two got none.  We were too excited though, and were ready to roll.  We planned to cross to the States in Windsor, so we had a nice long, 4 hour drive to the Ambassador Bridge.  Dawn, the ever awesome, burned 4 CDs worth of Supernatural music.  Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Bon Jovi, Asia, ACDC- it was, in the words of Geoff- pure, undiluted awesome.  We all sang along like crazy people, having no idea that it was a foreshadowing of another awesome event of the weekend. 

Val at the wheel

We crossed no problem and kept driving.  I did my stretch from about 3:30/4am to about 6am.  Hard driving.  Hard to stay awake.  I crashed out about 10 seconds after Val took over.  Val was the one that took us into Chicago- a ride I was pretty excited about, because it kinda looked like the one from Ferris Bueller's Day off.   I am sure it wasn't, but  it felt like it.  And that was enough.

Dawn at Brekkie

Our first day was a bit of a haze of sleepiness.  We hit an IHOP for breakfast, and the hotel let us check in early.  We got out nerd badges, and then went up for a nap.  We felt a bit better after that and a shower, and managed to make our way downstairs to check out Richard Speight Jr (aka the Trickster).  He was awesome and funny, and he earned his way onto the Impala.  ( for those that don't know- I brought a diecast model of a 1967 Impala, the same car as they drive in the show.  Love it!)  We met him, got autographs, and then decided to head out for dinner.

Yes, the sandwich is THAT big.
Dinner at RAM consisted of buttface amber (which wasn't amber at all), bourbon instead of rye, and a pulled pork sandwich as big as your head.  Dawn said the word "nipple" as in nipple chaffing, and caught the attention of the very drunk, very old man at the next table.  We started to get sleepy, and lost our buzz, so we headed back, intending to go to bed. 

Val hit her wall, and did retire, very sensibly, for the evening.  Dawn and I, however, remembered that there was kareoke going on in the main hall, and decided to check it out. 

Best.  Decision.  Ever.

Train Wreck.

The event is like a pyschedelic haze of a memory to me now, but let me just say- I haven't laughed that hard, for that long- in a really, REALLY long time.  The Trickster and Little John (2 actors) were there, and stayed until the end- 2am.  Later, a singer friend of Jensen "Dean" Ackles called Jason Mann came out and hung out and partied.  Every boy was super hot.  Almost every singer was super bad.  Dawn and I, after paying $8 for a beer, smuggled some from our room down, got silly, and sang our asses off.  I have video to prove it, if you are interested.  One of the chicks in the assigned seat in front of us was there, all dressed up and ready to go- in yellow pumps, black lace tights, red hot pants, grey tank top, and shitty hair and back tattoo.  Yes, it was as bad as it sounds.  It was a great time, and I am really glad that I lost 4 hours of sleep to go.  Next year, Val- you have to come and Dawn- we are gonna rock the joint.

Travis during our intimate lunch date.

We got silly the next day too, with various going on:
- sharing lunch with the super cute Ghostfacers (Travis had the rice, I had the sandwich) and then "reminding" them of our lunch together later that night in the autograph line.  They were nice enough to agree that is was a nice time, and that we should do it again.
-being unimpressed with the Yellow Eyed Demon's Q and A, but discovering he was a super nice guy in person.
- buying my Serial Killer necklace (Dawn is a Psycho Killer.  Small distinction, but important).
- hasseling the picture selling guy about his inability to control the sun. 
- asking Travis if he knows that dolphins are just gay sharks?
- getting to see Matt Cohen drag his hung over ass downstairs to do the Jerk again.

We brought Alex with us.

- having great talks with the girls in the room over the better part of a case of beer- before getting into the autograph line
-learning that Dawn thinks Jews are hot, Val doesn't think that it looks like turkey (that's what she said) and that I think ham is perkier- I love mishearing people.
- seeing Travis's "mancave treasure trove".  My heart stopped a little.
- hitting the tiki bar, and just looking tired and wasted in every photo.

There was a bunch more, but it is starting to slip away.

Sunday- last day.  Sad, sad, sad.

pouty sad faces.

 Jared and Misha- hotness.  They are both super-dee-duper cute, but the fact that they are hilarious just made them that much better.  Misha didn't answer any of the questions seriously, and made the whole place howl a bunch of time.  Jensen coming out was a super hilight, and we all were thrilled.  Jared- while still hugely tall- wasn't quite the giant that we expected.    I got autographs on the Impala from all 3, and I am thrilled.  Jensen didn't really interact, but he did - literally- make my heart pound as we got close. Jared thought the Mettallicar was "niiiiiice", and Misha winked at me.  It was the equivalent of having an affair.  :)  A dirty nasty affair. Awesome.

Jensen, Misha and Jared.  My boyfriends. 

The best part of the weekend, after hot boys and good friends, was the people watching.  The title of this article is straight out of Dawn's mouth, about some of the people asking questions, walking around and existing in general.  I have been too and worked multiple comic conventions and these were- hands down- the biggest nerds that I have ever seen in my life.  From the one on the first day that asked what the offspring of an angel and demon mating would be (a monster or an ephriham) to the one that asked EVERYBODY whether they would rather be eaten alive by a zombie, a shark or a velociraptor (and apparently there is a correct answer to that)- these people were morons.  Some were actual lesbians, some were girls that didn't know how to brush their hair, or when to put away the trucker caps.    None of them could sing, and all of them thought that the supernatural boys would fall in love with them, if they just wore the right shirt.  And usually, that shirt had one of their faces on it.  Like that would ever happen.

Anyway,  that was our weekend, in a nutshell.  I missed the kids and Geoff like crazy, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Thanks ladies.  Much, much love.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "nipple chafing".

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  1. Perhaps they were only funny because they are hot. The two seem to co-exist. Glad you had a good time!