"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Monday, January 3, 2011

N is for Neglectful

So it has been just about forever since the last time I blogged.  Actually, it was Christmas Eve, so about a week and a half.

Holidays were great.  Quick recap. 

Christmas morning, we do our little family stuff.  We checked to see if Santa/Magic Christmas Pony had come to eat the cookies and chicken fingers.  Sebastian was amazed to see that they were, indeed, gone.  His reaction might have been one of the coolest things of the entire day.  Then we troupe downstairs to see what Santa/MCP has left for us.  Geoff had plugged in the tree and turned on the fireplace, so it was very nice.  Sawyer got a car, one of the ones that you propel with your feet.  She was so excited, she tried to climb in through the windshield.  Sebastian got a cool fort kit, so you can build awesome forts with blankets and stuff.  He was a little unsure about it, but Sawyer promptly tried to drive her car right into it.  Then we opened stockings and presents.  Geoff got me a Kindle, but it is on back order, so I haven't gotten it yet.  Can't wait!  I got him tickets to see the Headstones in St. Catharines, and he seemed pretty happy with that.  We got a bunch more stuff too, all great.
I went up to cook breakfast, and my mom and dad and brother came over.  We gave them their gifts and they seemed to love them all.  I know my parents were very surprised to get gifts, I think they always expect that I am actually going to listen and not get them anything.  Just an FYI, that will probably never happen. :)  We all ate breakfast and had a nice visit.  My Mom and Dad got me a breadmaker, with a gluten free option that I am super stoked about, and I can't wait to try!!  We also got money and tons of other stuff.

After that, we had a little down time, so we tidied up, and Sawyer had a nice nap.  When she got up, we hustled over to Geoff's Aunt's house, and visited with Aunt Laurie and Uncle Dave, Katie and Brendan.  Aunt Shelia, Uncle Mark and Kaylee came over right after us, so we got to see them too.  I always forget how gorgeous Kaylee is, and how sweet.  It is always a treat to see her.  Katie was super hospitable, and everyone was very lovely to us and the kids.  We could only stay a little while, since we had dinner planned at my parents.

It was just us for dinner, but my Mom did the whole meal up, just like I like it.  Turkey, stuffing, the works!!  So great.  I ate until I felt sick, then brought some home.  It was a relatively early night, since we were all exhausted.
Boxing Day- we did breakfast at my Mom's, as we do every year.  My Aunt Barb and Dennis were there, and my dad's friend Ron, too.  It was nice to visit for a bit.  After that, we headed home.  Geoff dropped me off, then he and the kids went to his parents, where we were doing Christmas and dinner that afternoon.  I made a broccoli salad, and threw in some laundry.  I packed the gifts in the car, grabbed the salad and headed out.
I got to Kit and Kathy's shortly after Holly, Eric and boys arrived.  We went in, visited for a bit, then got down to gifts.  The kids got super spoiled!!  They both got clothes, and toys and books, and tons of things!  We draw names for the adults.  We drew Holly and Eric.  We are still getting to know Eric, so I had to solicit help from Holly for him.  Unfortunately, we realized that we had left one of Eric's gifts at home, and as it turns out, it was his favorite.  He is a Star Trek nerd, and we got him an Enterprise.  Geoff ran home and got it, and Eric promptly took it out and played with it! :)  I am just glad he liked it.  We also got him an Adventure Smartbox.  I hope he enjoys that too.  Holly can be stressful to buy for as well.  She isn't a fan of knick knacks and clutter, and she has very specific taste in a lot of things.  Without a list to go by, we were flying blind a bit.  But I think we did alright, with some books (one of which she had- but loved! So I was on the right track!), a cat decoration for her garden, a dress maker manniquin decoration and something else that I can't remember right now.  She had my name, and I love my gifts- a beautiful, but creepy, piece of art, a beautfiul necklace and a Stephen King book, that I can't wait to read.

After that, we had dinner, and relaxed.  It was nice to get together..even though we live about 5 minutes apart, it isn't often that we are all together like that.  Gage brought a bunch of his stuff from the Harry Potter Univeral Park, and it was fantastically cool.  What I really liked, though, was that he wanted to share that with us.  I know he is getting older, so times to connect with him will be on short supply.  I enjoyed this one.

I was off the next 2 days.  I ended up working through the one though, to try and get caught up from missing 4 days of work. I worked from home for 2 of the days, trying to get some stuff done, and keep my head above water.  I had to work a 2am-10am shift on Friday- New Year's Eve- to complete a task that was done by our old boss.  Of course, nothing worked properly, and everything was crazy, and I was super tired.  I worked until 10am, then packed it in for the day. 
I headed home, got a bit of sleep, then went out, got some snacks and groceries, then went to my mom's to pick up the kids, who had spent the night.  My brother made his awesome pizza, and even made some cheeseless, gluten free stuff for Sebastian.  I gathered the kids, and made my way home. 
We had been invited to a couple of different parties for New Years, but couldn't attend, so we opted for the Chinese food and movies at home option.  Joel and Carrie and their little ones came by.  We exchanged gifts and ate good food, and watched some TV.  Carrie and I had some drinks and we were all awake to ring in the new year. 

New Year's Day was filled with cleaning, and laundry.  My goal was to get all the Christmas stuff put away, but I ened up just trying to tidy everything up, after a week of everyone being home.

So, that was my holidays.  Pretty good on the whole.  I am sad that they are over, but I am trying to be positive and look forward to 2011.  I am hoping good things are coming.   I hope that for all of you as well.

Happy New Year!
Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for...oh, just read the title.

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