"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Picture this

As I have said before (I think!) I love Groupon.  I also love Wag Jag and have bought stuff off of both of them.  Love it!!  I have gotten some awesome deals, and have had a chance to try some new places and things.

Last week, there was a groupon for an online photography course.  I have been tossing around the idea of taking a photography course for a while now.  Geoff is our main photographer, both in the family and for Cracked Lens.  But I sometimes crave doing something creative.  I also have lots of imagery in my head, and I have trouble translating it to Geoff, so that he understands.  So, maybe, if I can talk the talk, I can better express what I want.  Or, maybe, I can do it myself.

I had an idea before, that I think will be fun and interesting and challenging.  I was thinking about doing family photography, but specializing in special needs children and families.  I have been pretty lucky with our experiences but it can be so stressful and frustrating to try and get a good picture with Sebastian.  I think I have the understanding and ideas to make a go of it.  I just need the technical knowledge.  This might be a stepping stone for that.

I am pretty excited to start.  I got a groupon for Geoff too, who wants to brush up on the basics.  With his crazy work schedule, he can't commit to a course at Niagara College.  He is so close to getting his certificate too.  Hopefully soon, he will be in a position where he can take the courses again. ;)

Plus, it is always a competition between me and Geoff.  Even if Geoff isn't actively participating.  I think it might be good for both of us, to push us a little harder. 

We have Fan Expo coming up in August.  We also have no new photos for this year.  We have to get cracking.  It isn't for lack of ideas- ideas we have plenty of.  I also have a pretty steady stream of volunteers, who are willing to have me bloody them up, and make them do unfortunate and uncomfortable things.  We need to scout locations, and confirm which photos we want to do.  We are also going to try and do t-shirts.  I have 2 designs, courtesy of the amazing and wonderful Kurt Boutelier.  I have to find a printer that will do what I want, for not a lot of money. 
We have a (very) small, but loyal following, and they will be looking for new stuff from us.  I would hate to disappoint them.

So much to do, so little time. Photos, photos, photos. 

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "need new pictures".

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