"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Saturday, October 1, 2011

6 more sleeps...

...until Nerdfest 2011!!!

That is, Supernatural Convention 2011!  I am heading out again this year, with Val, Dawn and new addition Shannon, to that bastian of nerd-dom, that shangri-la of geekiness. 

We don't have the huge drive that we had last year (reminder to those that don't keep track of the trivial aspects of my life, it was in Chicago last year) so we will be better rested and in good spirits for all 3 days.

While I can't wait to see the boys, to get autographs and have some fun, what I am really looking forward to is the comraderie of friends, of being away from home and care-free, even if just for a few days.  I will miss Geoff and my babies like crazy (usually within the first 3 hours of so) but I think it's going to be fun. 

Dawn and I are going to try and stock up on Rolling Rock, and maybe she can find "Tacos at Midnight" chips for Val.  While we might not have pulled pork sandwiches as big as our head or Butt-faced Amber beer, I think we will probably end up with some great stories.

Oh yea, and there will be cute boys and hot cars there too.  :)

Stop judging me.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "nerd, round 2".

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