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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Naturally Super- Day 2

So, Saturday.

Saturday started early because Corin Nemic was up at 930am for his talk and Dawn and I wanted to see him.  For those that don't know, Corin, or Corky, was the star of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose", a Ferris Bueller based TV show, back in the early 90s.  He guest stared on Supernatural last season as one of the boys' cousins.  We headed out, with no hangover- thanks to bottles of water and Dawn's Tylenlol PM, and checked him out.  We grabbed Starbucks and muffins in the lobby and settled in.  It was a bit awkward at first, as no one had any questions for him.  He wasn't someone that could wing it and talk to the crowd just off the cuff, so I was starting to feel bad.  Finally people started coming up with questions and things started to roll.  He ended up being pretty good and funny.  He does an amazing Stephen King impersonation (he played Harold in the TV version of the Stand.)

Next up was Traci Dunwiddie, or Tracie NumTitties, or the Hippie.  We called her any of them, at any given time.  She was a bit left of centre.  She drummed and made us chant with her, and I am pretty sure we joined her cult.  She has amazing biceps, and seemed very nice, if a little flighty.

After her, we had a bit of a break, so we hooked up with Val and Shannon and hiked down the road a bit to Kelsey's for lunch.  Yummers.  We had a nice chat, and some laughs.  We headed back with plenty of time to catch Mr. Misha.  *happy sigh*  We even had time for a nap.

Before we napped though, Dawn and I wanted to run back to the vendors so she could get a picture for Corky to sign.  On our way over, who do we see in the lobby?  Mr. Parker Lewis himself.  Before I could stop myself, I stepped up and waved at him, like really waved and made myself look like an idiot.  Dawn kept looking at him, and noticed him giving me the stink eye.  As she made eye contact with him, she burst out laughing at my idiocy.  But it looked like she was laughing at him.  So, yeah, we are great in the presence of celebrities.

Before we went to see Misha, we had out autograph session with Corky.  I went through first, and let him sign my license plate.  He remarked that it was the first fake license plate he had ever signed, and I told him that he was welcome, I was glad to help out. 

Dawn came up next, and Mr. Nemic fell in love. :)  He was obviously smitten with her, and was just a Chatty Cathy, talking about Niagara Falls and Detroit, and other ridiculousness.   Because Dawn is a beautiful, thin, stunning girl, she very literally stood out from all the rest of the hot mess that was the Convention.  After we left, Dawn decided that her goal for the evening was to get to know Corky, in the biblical sense.  :)

We went to the Misha Collins event next.  Misha Collins plays Castiel, a badass angel.  We love Misha.  He is cute and funny and sarcastic.  He has little patience for ridiculous questions.  His talk, as expected, was awesome.  I have lost alot of the details to my ever-increasing foggy memory, but I know it was good. :) After that, we had our autograph sessions with Misha, some random extra guy (his role in Supernatural was Jenny's boyfriend), crazy hippy Traci and someone else that I am not remembering. 

Then we went back to the room for more beverages.  We had a good time, laughing at alot of crazy stories.  We discovered that the motto for the weekend was "smarmy but awesome" and learned that it can be used in multiple circumstances.  We talked about our engagement stories and other things.  It was a really good time.  I laughed so hard, I was in tears.

Dawn and I had our cocktail party that night.  It was going to be the stage for Project "hook Dawn up with Corky".  At some point, we got to talking about pheremones and how Dawn needed to just let him get a whiff.  In an unusal and hilarious coincidence, Val had pheremone enhancing roll-on in her purse.  I have no idea why, but I still laugh about it now.  Dawn put it on, and we were ready to roll.

We headed over to the cocktail party, a little bit late, and it was pretty full up.  We found 2 seats at a table, full of nerds.  None of them were talking, so Dawn and I, full of liquid courage and our own sense of worth, took over the table and owned the event.  We made friends with all of them, and pretty soon, they were all making trips for more drinks and were actually becoming a part of the Project HDUWC.  We realized that each celebrity would come to the table, sit at the first empty chair, spend about 90 seconds to 2 minutes exchanging chit chat and small talk, and then move on.  We knew we had to get the chair beside Dawn emptied out, so we moved the guy positioned there.  He was totally down with that.  Soon enough, Corky made his way over and into our trap.  He immediatly fell into a conversation with Dawn, and at one point, even had his hand on her leg, holding her hand.  I made sure that I interjected tot he conversation at one point that Dawn did not, in fact, have any children, nor did she have a husband.  Corky took that to mean, as he said to her, that she was "good to go".  She concurred.  I also took the liberty of blowing the pheremones off of Dawn into Corky's face.  This continued until Corky's handler (no, not Dawn) tapped his shoulder and told him it's time to move on.  He circled the table, shaking everyone's hand.  When he gets to Dawn, he cupped the back of her neck and flirted a bit more. 

And that was it.

Sure, she thought of a million things she could have said, after he left.  I blame the beer and the pheremones.  But needless to say, we had a good time.  Like always.

I will do day 3 tomorrow.

Rosie N. Grey
The N still stands for "nerd".

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