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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adderall- Week 1

Ok, I am going to apologize to everyone for my delays in posting new blogs, and you all, because you think I am so wickedly awesome, are going to accept my apology.  And then we will move on, together.  Agreed?

So, Sebastian has a week of Adderall under his belt.  And yes, our life is getting better.

He is sleeping more, about 8 hours a night, with a small  break in the middle, usually around 1 or 2 am, and lasting anywhere from 45 min to a couple of hours.  We had an appointment with the pediatrician and he gave us a good hint on how to disperse his melatonin before bed, to help with keeping him asleep.  So, we are trying that and my fingers are crossed.

He has lost 2 lbs in a week, but seems to be getting his appetite back a little bit.  I know 2lbs doesn't seem like much, but for my thin little boy, it's more that I would like.

His obsessions don't seem much impacted, and some seem to be increasing.  His mouthing of his hands and the constant finger wrapping are increasing, and they have noticed this at school.

However, his eye contact is really, really improved.  He seems to be connecting more with his environment.  He has actively (and without being prompted) helped his sister with different things, like helping her with her hat and scarf, helping her take her t-shirt off at night, getting her a juice box out of the fridge.  Again, little things, but good things. 

His stutter is still there, but comes and goes.  When he is playing by himself, and unaware of being watched, his stutter is almost non-existant.  When he is excited, however, he still struggles.  We are finding tools and tricks to help him as much as we can.  My hope is that this too, will pass.

The other day, Sebastian came home from school, and as per usual, I asked him how his day was.  His typical response is "good".  When I ask him what he did, he usually says "I played."  Sometimes, he will tell me when he got in trouble, because he wasn't listening or couldn't focus. 
This time, though, he sat down and told me that his friends (he used that term, which was enough to break my heart all on it's own) had been laughing.  I was reading his journal, and it said that they had been looking at pictures from their Christmas party the day before.  So I asked, were they laughing at pictures from the party? 
He answered Yes, it was a picture of Dante and CarolAnne looking like this...and then made a funny face.  And he started laughing when he remembered.

Another first.  Telling me about his day.  Oh my heart.  :) 

I will keep you all up to date, with our new world of wonders.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "New stuff, great stuff".

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