"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Payoff?

I posted yesterday about how I am trying to be more grateful, in order to attract more good things to me in my life.  Today, I saw some payoff!

- Sawyer said this morning that she wanted a jump rope.  She sees me do simulated jump rope in my exercise routine and some of her shows have people jumping rope.  She has been "jumping rope" with everything she can find.  Geoff said this morning that he can't remember seeing a jump rope in the store, that wasn't for hardcore work outs.  Then, tonight, Sebastian comes home from school with a jump rope in his bag.  I don't know why he got it (I can guess), but it was just a super strange and fortunate coincidence.

- After Geoff and I went to see the Duke boys, I had asked my dad if he could get us some more tickets.  I was interested in Le Grand Cirque, which is a Cirque de Soliel type show.  I asked for a Friday or Saturday and for 4 tickets, so that we could bring our friends.  He tried, but unfortunately they were all sold out. Today, that same friend asked me if Geoff and I were interested in going to see the SAME show with them.  They had gotten some comp tickets and thought about bringing us.  Again, super weird but great coincidence.

- At the end of March, I won a Body Shop gift set at a stag and doe.  It included a Mango body scrub which I immediately fell in love with.  As I told Geoff, "if I was Oprah, this would be on my favorite things show."  Yesterday, I noticed that I am almost out, because I use it so often.  Today, I get a gift pack from my mom, that includes a brown sugar body scrub she MADE for me!!  There are other wonderful things in the pack as well, that I can't wait to use (all made by my mom).  Again, super weird, and super great.

I had some other not great news come in today, so these things really helped offset that, and help me stay happy and motivated.  It is encouraging, because my dream list has some pretty gigantic things on it! 

Keep it up, Universe!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new things a'comin'".

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