"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Loving Summer

So, with the beautiful weather we have had lately, I think it is time to start my now annual tradition of my Summer To-Do List.

If you remember last year, I had a list of 50 things that I wanted to do during the summer.  It really was great, for giving me ideas and helping me focus on what was really important to me.  So, yep, I am gonna do it again.

1. Go camping with the kids. 
2. See an outdoor concert.
3. Sit on a patio and have beers (or some diet approved equivalent)
4. Take Axle to our new Niagara Falls dog park, once it opens.
5. Have a picnic with the kids.
6. Go to the beach.
7. Get a sunburn and freckles.
8. Make salsa and tomato sauce.
9. Get a pool.
10. Paint the bathroom and start the redo.
11. Work on the TaCL Portraits and generate some business.
12. Go to carnivals, play bingo, win prizes.
13. Go to the drive-in with the kidlets.
14. Make a trip to the zoo.
15. Go fishing.
16.  Have a big family BBQ.
17.  Celebrate Geoff's 40th, however he wants.  It might not be big, or what I really wanted, but hopefully he will love it.
18.  Wash the cars.
19.  Pick flowers and keep them in the house.
20.  Keep the house clean and tidy.  Start to organize. 
21.  Get my taxes done.  Bech.
22. Finish decorating my bedroom.  Figure out what is going on with the closet.
23. Work on the front hallway.
24.  Do my homemade crafts for everyone on my list.
25.  Knit like the wind.
26.  Make and send the baby gift for Claire's baby.
27.  Reconnect with old friends.  I have some in mind.
28.  Have a blast at Bruce in August.
29. Get a pedicure.
30.  Get my hair done.
31.  Go on a road trip, even just for a day.
32.  Go to Sawyer's "concert" when she graduates from Nursery School.
33.  Kitten??
34. Start learning more about photography and taking my own pictures.
35.  Learn to sew.  And actually make something.  Something useful and pretty. 
36. Keep losing weight, and hit my weight loss goal by the end of August.  Or at least get pretty damn close. 
37. Clean the basement.  Like really clean it.  For real.
38.  New tattoo.  Maybe. 
39. Find fireflies.
40. Weed my gardens.  Like more than once or twice.
41. Buy lemonade from a kid's stand.
42.  Find a treasure at a garage sale.
43. Play hookie.
44.  Golf 18 holes.
45. Watch the new Sons of Anarchy and True Blood.
46. Watch a thunderstorm.
47. Ride a horse.
48. Ride a roller coaster.
49. Blog.  Lots and lots.
50. Do something new.  Completely new.  Not on this list, nothing expected.  Big, little, doesn't matter.  But it was new and awesome.

So, there it is, my summer 2012 list.  Here's to a great year.  :)

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new summer, new list".

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