"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Right now, I am thankful. 

It is 12:09 as I start to write this on Saturday morning.  I will go to sleep soon.  I am tired in my mind, but not my body.  Today wasn't a movement day. So much the worse.

It is cold. Outside, it's March and it's cold.   I feel the cold coming off the fur of the dog.

So, I am thankful.  Why? 

- I have a little girl asleep in her bed tonight.  She is so in love with her brother, she is sleeping in his pj shirt.
- I have a not so little boy asleep in his bed.  He pushed his little sister down today.  When I yelled and told him it was not right for him to put his hands on her like that, he wore his sad face.  When I sent him to bed early, he agreed and went without an arguement.  He was devestated that he had hurt her.
- My little girl asked to wash my hair for me tonight.  She did a great job mothering me.
- My boy used his quiet sleepy voice to tell me about his day.  He told me about his trip to the Sugar Bush.  He glowed when he talked about the hay ride with the horses.
- My little girl heals me.  I have a scratch on my leg.  She didn't want to kiss it better, because it looked "gross".  When I kissed her kitten scratch on her hand, she changed her mind.  She kissed my leg and kissed my face.
- My boy didn't want to wear snow pants today.  In his words, he already had pants on- don't need new pants.  Love that.  He couldn't climb into his seat in the van because his pants were "too big".
- My girl spent the day with a spot of chocolate on her nose.
- My boy has kleenex dust in his hair, lips and on his nose.
- My girl changed her socks 4 times today...the last pair was a Christmas pair with Santa's face all over it.
- My boy's pants were falling down most of the day.  He would give me his half laugh every time I would tell him to cover his butt.

I need nothing but them to make me thankful. There is more, in my life to be thankful for.  But they make it easy.  Even when it's not.  Even when it's impossible.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new adventures every day."

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