"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Friday, March 1, 2013


So, after the drama of yesterday and just the overall general hecticness of the week and my pending busyness of next week and such, I was really hoping for a good, quiet day today.

I got it.  Kinda.

First of all, everyone went to school.  That right there is a win.  With the cold and flu season being what it has been this winter, this is nothing to take for granted.  Pretty much at least one day a week for the last month or so, someone has been home- either for a cold, or flu, or a snow day, or an early release, or a PA day, or whatever!  I enjoy my time from 9am until 315pm when there is no one but me and the dog and the cats roaming the house.

Second, my furnace worked.  We had to put in a new furnace this year (and yes, I caved and got a central A/C too.  Two houses and 15 years of marriage and this is the first central a/c we have had.  I have pretty much guaranteed us the coldest summer on record.  Sorry 'bout that.)  Today was chilly and I turned up the thermostat a couple of degrees (from 69 to 71).  It was cold enough in here, before we got the new furnace at the beginning of December, that I have a true appreciation for that simple noise of a newly turned on furnace.  Bliss.

Third, I was mystery reader for Sawyer's school and it was a true surprise for her.  I had to give them 5 hints on who I was.  They are supposed to read the hints through the day and try to guess who it is.  Unfortunately, the teachers forgot I was coming.  Thank goodness I showed up about 10 minutes early.  That let them write out the hints, run through them with the class and get them all settled down and ready to listen.  I was supposed to go in, and say something.  They all have their heads down and eyes closed and are supposed to guess who I am from my voice (of course, only Sawyer would know.)  But the monkey was peeking as I walked in, so she knew right away.  That's ok, she said she had guessed it from the hints anyway, which was, after all the point.
My hints.
I brought 2 stories- "The Paperbag Princess" and "If you give a moose a muffin".  They had recently read The Paperbag Princess, so I read the Muffin book.  I did a good job, if I do say so myself!  The kids got to ask me questions before and after.  My, they do love their questions..

"What's your favourite colour?"
"What's your favourite food?"
"What's your phone number?"
"What colour is your house?" (when I said brown and white and black, he told me those were boring colours.  I agreed.)
"What is your favourite drink?"
"What is your favourite animal?"
"How old are you?" (I did tell them I had a big birthday coming up.  I asked Sawyer to tell them how old I was going to be and she said 14.  I said I would take it.  The rest of the guesses ranged from 18 to 100.  Forty seemed anticlimactic after that, although I was genuinely touched by the teacher's surprise, since she guessed 30.  Yeah me.)

The class introduced me to Pete the Cat and I got to hold the book, while we listened to the CD.  Then we did Tribbles.  I picked Sawyer to go first and she was Orange (very happy) because I was there.  She passed it to me, and I was orange too.  Everyone else got to go.  It was pretty funny.  I would definitely do it again.

Fourthly, I found "All Creatures Great and Small" on Netflix.  I am really excited about that.  When my Grandma died, I found her old beat up copy of the book.  My mom told me it was one of her favourite. I had never read it, but I ended up loving it too.  The cover has fallen off and it is beat to shit.  I keep thinking that I would like to get a new copy, but I would like a special one- like a special or early edition or something.  One of those bucket list type things, I guess.  Anyway, I am excited to have found the show, and can't wait to start watching it.

Lastly, I got my first edition of my new subscription in.  I have flipped through it, but I can't wait to read it cover to cover.  It is creating a longing in me.  Chickens and gardens and homeschooling, oh my.  I keep telling myself to have patience.  All things in due time.

Oh, I forgot.  The kids are having a sleep over in Sebastian's bed.  So far so good.  Last time, it only lasted 20 minutes.  This time, it's been almost an hour.  I hope they have fun.

So, good day.  Still drama, still stress.  Still all the silly things that interfere.  But over and above all of that stuff, good stuff.

Orange Tribble, for sure.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "newest superstar of Mrs. Wilshire's JK class".

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