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Dorothy Allen

Friday, June 14, 2013

Soundtrack to Surgery, Success and Second Chances

Just in case you were wondering...here is the soundtrack that you all built for us.

Thank you!

- Horrorpops- Undefeated (posted by Tickie)
- Lynrd Skynrd- Gimme 3 Steps (posted by Lynn)
- Van Morrison- Into the Mystic (posted by Lynn)
- Anne Murray- Snowbird (posted by Teresa)
- One Republic- Good Life (posted by Christina)
- Monster Mash (posted by Joni)
- Happy Happy Joy Joy (posted by Barb F)
- Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah (posted by Teresa)
- Survivor- Eye of the Tiger (posted by Holly)
- Flogging Molly- Saints and Sinners (posted by John)
- Move It from Madagascar (posted by my mom, Donna)
- Phil Collins- You'll be in my Heart (posted by Aunt Shelia)
- Alexisonfire- Boiled Frogs (posted by John)
- Herman's Hermits- I'm Henry the 8th (posted by Tracey)
- Macklemore-Thrift Shop (posted by Tracey)
- Journey- Don't Stop Believing (posted by Val)
- Brand New Pair of Roller Skates (posted by Tracey)
- Puscifer- Humbling River (posted by John)
- Bob Marley- Three Little Birds (posted by Teresa)
- Adam Warock- I will do Science to it (posted by Joel)
- Macklemore- Can't Hold Us (posted by Joel)
- Just Keep Swimming from Finding Nemo (posted by Carrie)
- Florence and The Machine- Dog Days (posted by Michelle)
- Carl Douglas- Kung Fu Fighting (posted by Tickie)
- U2- Beautiful Day (posted by Deb)
- Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run (posted by Deb)
- This is Halloween from Nightmare before Christmas (posted by Barb F)
- Classified- Inner Ninja (posted by Val)
- See my Vest from the Simpsons (posted by Bill)
- Kelly Clarkson- Stronger (posted by Bill)
- Barbara Streisand- If I Could (posted by Aunt Gay)
- They Might be Giants- Birdhouse in your Soul (posted by Claire)
- Josh Groban- You are Loved (posted by Melinda)
- The Beatles- It's Getting Better all the Time (posted by Aunt Michelle)
- John Lennon- Beautiful Boy (posted by Aunt Michelle)
- Kanye- Stronger (posted by Holly)
- Kermit the Frog-Rainbow Connection (posted by Holly)

And dedicated especially to Geoff from Lynn-

If I missed anyone, please let me know.  Facebook is funny, and can be a jerk sometimes.

There were a few that I would add.

- Prince- Let's Go Crazy (heard this one in the car, first thing, after the appointment with his cardiologist that cleared him for the next year.  Oh yeah.)
- Bruce Springsteen- Wrecking Ball (heard this one on the day before his surgery, when I was running around getting stuff ready.  It wrecked me, but it inspired me. It was my anthem.)
- Katy Perry- Firework (I can't listen to this song without thinking about Sebastian.  It was written, just for him.)

Thank you to everyone that put their heart and soul into picking a song for me and Bastian and Geoff.  I am having Geoff burn them to a disk for me, so that my soundtrack can go everywhere with me.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new soundtracks".