"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Sunday, September 19, 2010


6:15 am- Up.  Not happy about it, but up.  Bastian is usually already awake.
6:25 am- Up for reals.  Go pee.  Turn on flat iron.  Check on 'Bastian, make sure he's alive.
6:30 am- Brush teeth, wash face, apply wrinkle creams (to prevent, not create).  Hair, make up, earrings, necklace, access card.
6:50am- Dress, let the dog out, food and water for the dog.  Kiss 'Bastian good bye.  Pack snacks and maybe lunch if there is something worthwhile.  Out the door.
6:55am- Drive, drive, drive.
7:15am- Drive through.  Timmies.  Lg Green Tea, 2 sweetners.  Bagel BELT, hold the cheese on a sesame seed bagel.
7:25am- Park it, walk it, buzz it, walk it, sit it on down.
7:30am- Work begins.  Eat while typing with one hand.
8:00am- Co-workers begin arriving.  Chit chat ensues for about 5 minutes.  Drink tea which is now cold.  Then it's heads down, get 'r done.  Time is ticking by....
10:00am- Morning crunch is usually over.  Time for a breather.  Check email. 
10:15am- Begin the rest of the required daily tasks.  Blech. 
12:30pm- Realize "Holy shit.  It's 12:30."  Realize "Crap, I'm starving."  Realize "I really don't want whatever it is that I packed at 7am this morning".  Go get lunch.  It's usually soup.
1:00pm- Back from lunch.  More work.  Maybe answer an email.
3:30pm- Wow, I only have an hour left.  I have 4 hours of work left to do.  This is fun.  Yipee.
4:15pm- Try and start wrapping up for the day.
4:30pm- Finish up, and log off computer.
4:31pm- Realize that I forgot to do that one very important thing.  Boot computer back up.
4:45pm- Ok, for reals this time.  Log off.
4:46pm- Remember something elses.  Debate turning computer back on.  Finally say, "Fuck it" and walk out.
4:50pm- Yell goodbye to everyone as I walk out.  Nice talkin' with y'all.
4:55pm- Drive, drive, drive.
5:15pm- Home.  Hugs from Sawyer, kisses from Axle, hugs from Geoff, hugs from 'Bastian, in that order.
5:30pm- Ok, depending on the day, different things happen.  Monday- golf league, and Geoff's school.  Tuesday- Dog Training and beers with Celine, Barb and Bill.  Wednesday- Accounting class and homework.  Thursday- swimming lessons for Sawyer.  Friday- gymnastics for Sawyer.
5:45pm-8pm- maybe I eat something.
8pm- Bath Times.
8:30pm- mop up all the water tracked everywhere during bath time.
8:30pm- Sawyer bed time.  Stories and play.  Baba.  Tuck in.  Music from Tad.  Lights out, and she rubs my ear until she falls alseep.  I try and stay awake too, but it doesn't always work.
8:45pm- Sebastian bed time.  Hugs, go pee before bed.  Up the ladder, tuck in.  Talk about today.  Talk about tomorrow.  Hugs.  Kisses.  Prayers.  Take off his glasses, down the ladder, play the music, out go the lights.
9pm- Bath or shower.  Hopefully bath.  But only if there's time.
9:30pm- depending on the night- different things- pay bills, homework, practice with Axle, read, watch a movie, homework, Facebook, balance the books for the photography, homework, school stuff for Sebastian, fold clothes.
Anywhere between 11:30 and 1am- fall asleep  doing whatever it is that I'm doing.

Repeat as necessary.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "numb".


  1. One it day will pay off. One day....Far, far away...Atleast that's is what I keep telling myself as well. Sigh.

  2. I am trying to enjoy the days as they come. But it's hard when the day is over almost before it even began.