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Monday, December 13, 2010

Concert of a lifetime

There is something about a school Christmas concert that hits me- HARD.  Small children singing, older kids acting their hearts out, teachers working like crazy behind the scenes- I love it.  I love the small town, Norman Rockwell feel to it. 

Sebastian's school had their Christmas concert tonight.  It was really great.  Geoff had to work, so my mom and dad and Sawyer and I went.  It was a crazy madhouse, of course, but Sebastian handled it like a trouper.  He was in the choir, so he had to wear a festive colour- red, green or white.  He looked sharp in his red sweater, with the white button down underneath.

Side note:  I am always amazed at how some of the people dress their kids.  I know some people don't have a lot of money, but can you brush their hair, maybe clean their face?  How about you send them with pants that don't have holes in them???  Oh well, I am sure those kids have bigger issues than that.  :(

We picked out seats and Sawyer waited and waited and WAITED for her "Basti" to come out.  She couldn't wait to see him.  But once the play started and the kids were up singing and dancing, she was mesmerized.  Eventually though, she fell alseep, completely missing her brother's part.

They did A Christmas Carol.  They had all the typical stuff, but mxed it up too.  When I realized that alot of the songs they were singing were from the Muppet Christmas Carol, I nearly lost it.  That is one of my favorite Christmas movies ever, and the songs always make me weepy.  Tonight was no exception.

Sebastian and his class only sang one song, but they were awesome.  I saw him come out, and look around smiling- looking for me.  I was about half way back, with Sawyer asleep heavily in my lap, so I couldn't jump up and wave and smile, like I wanted to.  I had to sit, smiling like a lunatic, crying too, watching my baby boy up there, doing his part, singing his song.  God, that fucking kid is magic.

This, to me, is Christmas.  The corny tradition, the noisy gym, the some-what cheesy, but wonderfully awesome sets...that is my holiday.

Thanks for inviting me.  Thanks for including us.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "noel".

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