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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Day. Birth Day.

So, Tuesday was my 38th birthday.  Or, as I like to call it, my 3rd annual 36th birthday. :)

Honestly, the age doesn't bother me.  I don't feel old- well, most days.  Some days it is harder to get out of bed than others.  Sometimes I forget things.  But most of the time, I really don't feel much different than I did when I was 20, or 25 or 30.   Hopefully, I am a bit smarter, a bit kinder.  But who knows?  I still do dumb things.

Anyway, the birthday celebrations began last Friday, when the lovely ladies from work- Lynnie, Teresa and Dawnie C gave me a kick ass gift and we went for lunch.  They got me a framed print of Rosie the Riveter, which just happens to match my bad-ass calf tattoo.  I love the print, and I was so touched that they had found it much earlier and ordered it in for me.  We went to Cats Caboose for lunch- so I got to have my deep fried pickles and buffalo chicken salad.  So good.  So yummy.  It was great to see them outside of work, and have some time to chill out and chat.

Friday night, my chill'uns went to Grammie and Papa's for the night, and we went out to celebrate my birfday.  Right up until we actually went out, I was a little unsure about whether I wanted to.  It had only been a week since we lost Kit. Everyone was (and still is) feeling sad and unsure and are trying to figure shit out.  To my everylasting delight, my sister (inlaw) Dawn agreed to come out, and that sealed the deal.  I picked her up, Kevin and Michelle came to the house and we all headed off together to Somebuddies for pizza and wings.  Joel and Carrie got there first, and snagged us an awesome table. 

We ordered tons of food, and drinks.  Dawnie and I ordered a Blue for the first round and drank a toast to Dad.  We actually all talked about him alot.  It was good.  I am sure it was a little awkward for the others, but it felt good and cathartic to talk about him and laugh and joke.  The jukebox seemed to have it out for us, and played a ton of songs that we had played at his visitation, but it was ok, because the songs kick ass.

Teresa and Ron came and met us, and we hung out and drank until about 11pm.  I can't even remember everything we talked about, but I know I laughed alot, and had a really great time.  Eventually, we headed out to the Chili Pepper in St. Catharines, to see Figure Four.  We originally saw them play on St. Paddy's Day, and they were awesomely awesome- played alot of 80s hair band stuff, and were just really fun and good.  Joel and Carrie had to head home, but I was so glad they came.  :)

We made it to the Chili Pepper and all got carded at the door.  I literally couldn't believe it, and argued with the guy a bit.  I couldn't find my driver's license, so eventually I found my health card.  By that time, the bouncer was, I'm sure, very sorry that he asked me for anything. By the time I got it out of my wallet, handed it to him and got it back, everyone else was inside and gone.  We eventually found them downstairs.  Michelle had picked a table at the front, so a table that was guaranteed to be loud, but one that we could shout out requests to the band and be heard.  The girls stayed at one table, the boys at another. The night has gotten a little blurry, but I remember some random events:
- Teresa spilled a beer on my leg, and then took a picture (or three) of the wet spot.
- I couldn't (and really, really shouldn't) drink my tequila shot, so the lead singer did it for me
- I did drink the yummy green shooter from the band
- I yelled at Teresa for leaving to yell at some girl that pushed her.  I told her she had to tell me if she was going to go get in a fight, so that I could come and watch her back
- We high-fived some random guy who gave a good request to the band- I am pretty sure it was "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen
- Michelle wants us to start an all-girl cover band called the Eaglets.  This is because we rocked out the Eagles.  God, we are awesome!
- The children that came into the bar had completely inappropriate outfits on.  By inappropriate I mean that I don't want to see your 20 year old cellulite.  Gross.

All in all, great night.  Great friends.  Thank you everyone- love you lots.

I normally book my birthday off, and I did have it scheduled.  But we have been so busy lately, and I had time off because of Kit, so I felt really bad about taking another day, when i didn't really have to.  So I worked.  But everyone at work was great.  They got me a card, and we had birthday breakfast cake.  One of the benefits to working on your birthday means that you get to eat cake for breakfast.  It is a tradition that I gladly uphold.  Val took me out for lunch, to Grill on the Hill.  It was delicious, even if they didn't have my favorite sweet potatoe fries.  Thanks, Val!!

That night, my mom made my birthday dinner- turkey crepes, greek salad, chocolate covered strawberries and birthday cake.  So good.  I only get the crepes once a year.  Geoff had to work, but that's ok, since he really doesn't like them anyway.  He had called me that morning and left me a beautiful voice message, wishing me a happy birthday.  I had left that morning for work, before he had a chance to say it.  It was very nice that he remembered. 

Anyway, my mom and Dad got me a big bag of kitchen stuff and a digital frame.  It was very nice, lots of cool stuff.  Geoff got me Season 2 of Fringe, and a digital frame. :)  Good deal.

Later that night, Geoff's mom, sister and aunt Gay came over.  Kathy and Dawn gave me deneros, which is always, ALWAYS appreciated.  It was a very nice visit.  Kathy looks good, even though I am worried about her.  It was great to see them. 

Today, we went to my mom and dad's for dinner for Good Friday.  My brother had my birthday gift.  It's my birthday gift, plus Easter for everyone, and tons more.  He got us a treadmill- a great one.  :) :)  I am so excited.  He is coming over to set it up tomorrow.  He is so awesome.  The very best, though?  I hugged him to say thank you, and he actually hugged me back. That was great.

All in all, it was a great birthday.  Part of me really didn't want anyone to remember.  I didn't want anything to happen or be said.  It didn't feel right.  I just wanted it to be another day. 

But having people remember, and be so incredibly thoughtful and wonderful and amazing- that was nice.  I am surrounded by such loving and selfless friends and family- it really is overwhelming. 

Love, love, love.  What a good day.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new age, new year."

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