"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Starting Summer off with a Bang

...well, not a bang..a break.

oh, fun.  If only we knew....

Yep, it's true.  Sebastian broke his ankle.  He, Geoff and Sawyer were jumping on the trampoline on Thursday night, and he landed wrong.  He started crying right away, in a way I hadn't seen him before.  He couldn't catch his breath.  I brought him into the house and we looked it over.  I could move his toes, and move his ankle.  But he was very upset, and wouldn't put any weight on it.  There really wasn't much swelling, and no bruising, so I wrapped it in a tensor bandage and put a bag of frozen peas on it.  He was very restless and slept poorly.  He would wake up through the night, crying about his foot. 

jumping, jumping

Friday was a day off of school, so he got to spend the whole day with Grammie and Papa.  My mom looked at his ankle, and tried doing all the same things that I had done.  She too, figured it was just badly sprained. He got to lay in bed all day, watching movies and eating treats.

That night, we went to Limeridge Mall with Geoff's mom.  I piggybacked Sebastian into the mall, and we rented a wheelchair for him.  He rode around fine, but Sawyer's nose was a bit out of joint, because she wanted to ride too.  He seemed fine, really didn't complain at all.
The scene of the accident
Saturday, we had a busy day planned.  We had a birthday party for Joel and Carrie's son, and then our friends Michelle and Kevin were having a BBQ.  However, in the morning, the bruises started coming out on his ankle.  When we would try to get him to put weight on it, even just a little bit, he refused.  He was getting good at getting around on his knees or by hopping on one leg, with the hurt one lifted, flamingo style. I decided to keep him home from the birthday party and keep him resting.  I was starting to get a feeling in my gut.  Note to self, always trust your gut.
Geoff took Sawyer and she had an awesome time.  She got to play and got a red balloon.  It was the shizat.  That's a direct quote from her.  ;o)

Life as it used to be!  We were muddy from head to toe.

Geoff went to the BBQ to see everyone.  Sebastian had a couple of rough patches, and that feeling in my gut got more and more intense.  He slept through the night, so all was fine.

This morning, he got up early.  When I went in to check, he told me that his leg felt better, that he felt good.  I was so glad!  When I helped him into the bathroom, I tried to get him to put weight on the foot again.  I forced him to take one step.  That's all it took.  His whole ankle just crumbled and down he went.  He hit the door, and landed on the floor, sobbing. 

So, I am offically the worst mother in the world.

My brave boy

Immediately after that, I got him up, and off we went to the emergency room.  3 hours later, he has a bracing cast on his leg and we are going to get into see a specialist this week to get it taken case of.

So, my wishlist for the summer might change a bit, to accomodate a cast.  Once we know if he can get a walking cast or not, I will know whether or not I have to rent a wheelchair or whatever. 

Most of all, I have to lose this huge weight of guilt on my shoulders.  :)  I'm sure it will fall off eventually!

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "not a sprain???"


  1. Oh no!!!
    Not the worst mother at all. I waited for Gage and myself when we had broken bones. How are we to know? Especially when he tells you it's feeling better. :( I'm sorry he has to go through summer like this, but maybe inquire about an air cast for walking and swimming??? Poor guy, we'll have to come by and see him, bring him a treat.

  2. oh god...what a poor peanut :(

    I hope he feels better

  3. Laura Rousseau MoffatJune 14, 2011 at 8:33 AM

    You are one of the best Moms I have ever seen. I would suspect 90% of Moms have done the same thing, downplayed an injury only to find out it's real. I did it with Katie and a broken wrist and look where I work!