"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adventures in Sawyer Land, Part 2

Just wanted to give everyone an update on my very favorite redhead, and how she is doing.

Sawyer has just started nursery school.  She is loving it.  Nursery school was one of the driving forces behind her potty training motivation this summer.  The very first time she went poo in the potty, she turned to me and said " I go to school now??"  And by now, she meant RIGHT now.  That was July.  She managed to wait until September.

She is going 3 half days a week, and has a week under her belt.  She took to it like a duck to water.  First day, she went in, hugged everyone and made herself right at home.  The teachers seem to love her and she likes them very much too.  Her going was very different from Sebastian's.  He cried every day for the first month, and so did I.  With her, even though I got misty, I didn't cry, and neither did she.

There is a little boy in her class, though, who is struggling.  He cries and clings to his grandma's legs, begging to go home to his mommy.  He breaks my heart, I just want to snuggle him close.

Because of him, Sawyer has decided that she likes everything about school, except the boys.  She makes a point of telling me "I don't like boys" every time I mention school.

I talked to her and told her that she should try to be nice to the little boy that cries.  Maybe if she was nice to him, he wouldn't miss his mommy so much, and then he might not cry.  Very, VERY reluctantly, she agreed to try and be nice.  That night, I asked her if the little boy cried at school again.  She said "yes".  I said, were you nice to him?  Did you try to be his friend?  The response is a very emphatic "NO!"  Puzzled at her reaction, I asked "But why, Sawyer?  Why didn't you try to be his friend?" 

"Because I don't like him!" 

She really doesn't like boys.  Pointing out that Papa, Daddy, Bastian, Gage and Roan are all boys doesn't seem to help. 

Sawyer has been a good girl lately.  She wants to help all the time, even when her help just hurts any effort you are making.  She is excited about birthdays- anyone's birthday!  She is playing really well with other kids.  She is loving and sweet.

She also has a cold after her first week of school.  Oh joy.  Today, I was a walking kleenex, and have the boogers on my sleeves to prove it. 

She was recently climbing all over Geoff, trying to look at his IPad with him.  She managed to wedge herself in and laid her head on his chest.  I was sitting back, thinking about what a wonderful image it was, and being a little jealous of their closeness, when suddenly Geoff lurched upwards. 

"Jesus", he muttered, under his breath. "Sawyer, thanks for kicking me in the balls." 

I think he thought he was quiet enough that she didn't hear him.  I think he meant to whisper it.  But eagle ears heard him.

"Sorry daddy, didn't want to hurt your balls". 

For 5 minutes, Sawyer continually had comments and thoughts about balls, that she insisted on sharing with us.  It was really hard not to laugh.  I managed, Geoff, not quite. 

Every day in Sawyer land is a new adventure.  I look forward to all of them.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new adventure".

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