"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Day

Today was a good day.  Sebastian, earlier this week, won the Perseverance award at school.  The school has a character trait each month, that they celebrate, and Sebastian won it.  He got an Effort award in December as well. That's a big deal for a little guy like him.

Then today, they sent a letter home from school.  I had had to go into work for some training, so I missed him coming home.  When I got in the door, Geoff called him up from the basement, and told him to tell me what had happened at school today.

Now, lately, we have been having occassional issues with Sebastian hitting his therapists.  I honestly, truly in my heart of hearts do NOT believe he has any malicious intent with it.  He is not hitting to hurt.  But he has been getting frustrated lately, especially with his stutter, and he is starting to exert his independance more often.  So, when someone, particularily someone he doesn't know, tries to make him do something he really doesn't want to do, he can lash out.  Sometimes it is literally just flailing arms, trying to keep you back and away from him.  Other times, it is more purposeful, a push or a slap to make you stop and go away.  Pretty much every time it has happened, after we have had a talk about hitting and inappropriate behaviour, he hasn't touched the same person again. 

So, when Geoff said we got a letter, I was dreading what it said.  But I took one look at my boy, and saw the twinkle in his eyes.  He was dancing his way to me, and I knew it was good news.  I don't even think he really understood what the news was, he just knew that it would make me happy.  I took the paper, and saw that on the outside, it was written "To the Student of the Month". 

That was all I needed.

I bent down and looked him in the face.  His grin was so wide, it was almost as big as my own.  I picked him up in the tight, tight, tight hug he loves so much and lifted him right off the ground.  I couldn't have been happier. 

And what made it so great was that he was happy that I was happy.  We connected so well.  It was absolutely perfect.  I couldn't have cared less what the letter said at that point.  It was that moment, that living, breathing, laughing, smiling, fucking perfect instant in time...that was all that I needed. 

Although the free meal at the Mandarin is good too. 

p.s.  While I am enjoying a great day, my poor sister-in-law is not.  Her beloved cat is very ill, and it looks like they are going to lose her.  It hurts my heart, and I wish I could help.  I can't help but look at my own Morphie, who just keeps on keepin' on.  I worry about him, and I can't imagine what I will do when he is gone. I know this will break Holly a little, and it makes me cry for her.  So, Holly, I am sending all my happy thoughts, and good juju your way.  I hope they can help, even just a little. 

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "nice way to end a week."


  1. xoxo Thank you for your thoughts. It was a very difficult day but I'm so happy for Sebastian.