"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The "After"

In the interest of transparency, I have decided to share some after-work out photos with all of you.  I know, I know...gross.

But honestly, I have been talking to so many people about workouts lately, I wanted to make sure that I was representing the whole picture.  I want people to see what it's really like.  I worry that I make it sound easy, or that I sound condescending. Lord knows I tended to think that people who worked out regularly (and especially those that talked about it) were trying to rub my nose in the fact that I didn't.  I figured they thought I was lazy, that they were better than me.  Now I know better.  Sure, maybe some of them did think that.    But honestly, I think most of them felt the way I feel.  Proud.  A little tired.  Slightly amazed every time I try and every time I finish.  A little bit afraid that it might stop someday.

So, we talk about it.  I think it helps reinforce it in my own mind.  It helps hold me accountable, because some of the people I talk to today will ask me about it tomorrow.  And I have to have an answer for them.

And I think about the conversation that I had with a girl from work last week.  Every time I see her lately, she GUSHES over me.  It's flattering and sweet.  Last week, she told me that I was inspiring.  She said she thought we were both alike- we have always struggled with our weight.  We have our ups and downs, our successes and failures.  Since she relates to me, seeing me succeed makes her think she can succeed.  So, for her, I talk.  And tonight, I will share some pictures.

Tonight's workout was 60 minutes.  The first 20 was Stage 2 of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.  The remaining 40 minutes was Phase 3 from PINK Method- Strength Pull.

This is me, about 5 minutes after the workout.  I have already towelled off and downed a bottle of water.

catching my breath.  Rosie cheeks, sweaty hair.

The gear.
Green weights are 5 lbs each, black weights are 10lbs each.
My PINK Method book outlines what I need to do each night.
Axle is there for moral support.

I have ice packs, but they got taken out of the freezer.
So tonight, we use popcorn.

Ice packs on the knees.
It's how I end most of my nights.
So, that's my "after workout" photo montage.  I realized as I am doing this, that I am posting this as much for me as I am for you, my faithful readers.  I want to remember how hard I work.  I want to remember, once I hit my perfect weight, how much I need to avoid all my old triggers- beer, pizza, the sweet stuff.

There is a saying that if you still look cute after a workout, you didn't work hard enough.  Anyone here think I still look too cute?  :)

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "not a pretty picture".


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Val. I know you've been there, and are still there. Let's see your after pictures! I dare you! LOL

  2. It's kind of funny....I was thinking you DO look cute even after the workout! Look at those freaking collar bones and cheeks and arms and legs! SO excited for you...and it's true...what you are doing is REALLY inspiring. I'm sure I'd be gushing over you every single day too if I still worked with you. You just made me stop eating my mac n cheese lunch. :)

  3. Thanks Laura! Didn't mean to mess with the Mac and cheese. Sometimes I am amazed by the little things - like my collar bone. I think I really appreciate the little things, things that I think "naturally" skinny people might take for granted. I hope I never stop marveling at them. That will keep me inspired, I hope. thank you for your kind words, I really, really appreciate them :)