"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."
Dorothy Allen

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Backyard again

This past weekend, my brother surprised me with a backyard project.  We started building a patio and walkway of interlocking bricks.

My brother is pretty awesome.  We are about 2 and a half years apart.  Growing up, we rarely saw eye to eye.  We fought like cats and dogs and some of the battles were truly epic (like when he used a kitchen chair and when I bent the sapling back and snapped it in his face.)  Until we were actually grown and in our 20s, we rarely interacted.  We had some time frames when we would go to parties together and hang out with friends, but we usually ended up fighting and the fun time was over.

Adam was in my wedding party.  On my side of the wedding.  I wanted him there, it meant alot that he was there for me.  I was thrilled that he said yes, because with Adam, you really never know.  He could have just as easily said no.
Sawyer and Adam digging
Into our 20s, there were other things and times and events that impacted our relationship.  I won't get into them here, it isn't the time or place.  However, the one thing that truly brought the 2 of us back together was my kids.  First Sebastian, then Sawyer.  He is an amazing uncle. He and Sebastian have some similiarities.  They are both quiet, and not always comfortable with other people.  They don't always have filters and tend to say and do things that others might not necessarily do.  Neither of them is/was thrilled with school, rules, and doing things that they aren't really, truly interested in.  Their birthdays are 4 days apart. 

Sawyer ADORES him.  As soon as she goes to my mom and dad's house, and Uncle Adam is home, she beelines for him, and will hang out with him for hours.  She worries about him when he isn't home, and talks about him often.  She brings out a side in him that I don't know that I have ever seen before.  EVER.

Walkway Before

Walkway During
Walkway After

So, this fella decided that he was going to build a patio for us.  When he comes for our monthly family dinners and holidays, he often spends a good chunk of his time in the backyard, having a smoke and playing with the dog.  And, as he told me, he was sick of looking at the mess it was.

Friday, he showed up with a truck full of stone.  Saturday, he showed up with a ton of bricks and a plan.
Over the next 3 days (it was the Canada Day weekend), he, Geoff and I (and Sawyer) worked together, making miracles happen.  We dug a walkway, a patio and put up a fence.  He was gracious and funny, sometimes a big bossy, but really, not grouchy.  He was patient with me, and exceedingly patient with Sawyer.  He taught me things, and I got to realize how incredibly smart he is.  We made plans for more changes and more builds.  By the end of the summer, my back yard should be amazing.  I am feeling inspired and so thankful.

I am thankful for the changes.  I am thankful for the gifts, the sweat and hardwork.  I am thankful for the kick in the ass and the progress he has forced us to make.

But mostly, I am thankful that I got to spend the weekend with my brother.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "new backyard, new memories".

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