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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

So, this is my yearly Heart's day recap. 

It's kind of funny that I always seems to manage to write about it, but it really isn't that big of a holiday around here. Anyway...

I managed to get my hands on our vehicle yesterday, so me and chiclets ran out to get some supplies.  I had volunteered to send a treat into Sebastian's class, and since I was sending one, I can't not send one in for Sawyer. 

The nice thing is, Sawyer's class doesn't have a million different dietary needs, so I was able to just buy pink 2-bite brownies and she was happy as a clam.  Sebastian's class, being full of children with ASD, usually requires something that is GF/CF, and as non-processed as possible.  I found a mix and made them a chocolate GF/CF cake.  I will admit, I didn't make the icing.  I was going to, really and for true.  But $1.50 for icing was too good to pass up.  It meant there was a little dairy in the icing. Oh well, we aren't perfect.

We headed home, had dinner and then started baking. I had my "golden oldies" blasting, a little AC/DC, BOC...the greatest hits of Mullet Rock.  Love it.  The kids are learning to love it to.  Although Sebastian seems to be leaning more towards pop music right now.  It's ok, I forgive him for that. ;)

I baked Sebastian's cake and dyed the icing pink.  We covered it with sprinkles and it turned out beautifully.  Then I turned my attention to making a treat for my own lovlies. 

I planned to make a rainbow cake- 4 layers high, heart shaped, with each layer a different colour.  The baking went super smooth.  I dyed each layer a differnt colour- one purple, one orange, one red and the last blue.  They turned out great.  My problem was that I rushed the last 2 layers- the red and the blue.  I put them on the cake too early, they weren't completely cooled yet.  They split, in 3 pieces each and started sliding off the cake.  I tried my damnedest to stick them back together but to no avail.  In a fit of rage, I pulled them off with my bare hands, in pieces and threw them in the garbage.  I managed to save the orange and purple layers, so I iced those and wished for the best.

I had gotten the kids valentines for their classes on the weekend, so those were already written up.  I packed  backpacks carefully and consciously, making sure I didn't forget a thing.  We laid out their clothes for the morning, both in red and happy with the choices.

I had gotten both kids just a small gift. Each got a $5 movie and a small box of chocolate.  I laid them out on their heart shaped plates, so that they would be there for them in the morning.  I do that often- lay out their small surprises the night before, so that when they find them in the morning, there is a little bit of magic in the gift.  They know it is from me, but there is a little doubt, a little mystery in their sudden appearance.  I love it.  It makes me feel like a good mother.

This morning, Sebastian woke me early, completely thrilled with his Madagascar movie.  Score one for mom.  Sawyer trotted in shortly after with her new Cherry Jam movie, as equally happy.  I got up, let the dog out, fed the fish and the cats.  I pulled out the lunches, put them in the bags and then headed back to bed to lay down for a few minutes.  I have been getting pounding headaches lately, which I attribute to the weather changes, which can be extreme from day to day. Today was another doozy.  This morning's problem was that I fell asleep again. When I jerked awake, it was 20 minutes later and past time for getting up and doing. Geoff gave me my gift at that point, when he got up instead.  I stayed down for another 10 minutes or so, then got up to help.  I know what it is like to try and wrangle the kids alone (I do it every morning!) so as much as I appreciated the thought and the extra time, I knew he would want the help.

I gave Geoff his card as well.  We will be celebrating our Valentine's Day next Wednesday, when the restaurants aren't so crowded and everything is over priced.  I have booked a couple's massage (got a deal through Facebook, of all places) and dinner at a local restaurant that does a Date Night special on Wednesdays.  Geoff is working tonight, so that was pretty much the end of our celebration together. :)

The kids went to school and I stayed home and worked.  It was a long and tedious day, lots of review and analysis and tying up loose ends. My headache really never went anywhere, so I actually laid down for my lunch break and grabbed a quick nap.  I was smart enough to set my alarm, so that I didn't end up sleeping the whole afternoon away.  Ahhhh...the joys of telecommuting. After my 30 minute nap, I went back to work, and started trying to get stuff wrapped up for the day.

The kids and I just had a simple dinner.  We had purple orange heart cake (Saywer's gasp of appreciation when she saw the sliced cake made all of the effort completly worthwhile.)  I cleaned up a bit more, made lunches for tomorrow and did more laundry.  All ina  typical night's work.

I have been trying to get Sebastian back to a limited TV time schedule.  He was watching way, waaaaaay too much.  Today was day 3.  His withdrawl symptoms are getting a bit better, but it ain't easy.  I hate to admit, that I did cave about 30 minutes early tonight.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  I justified it to him and I as a present, and that it wouldn't happen again.  I have to get my ducks in a row for the weekend.  it's a long day to find distractions. 

Sawyer and I played old maid and go fish for almost an hour.  She loves to win.  Her winning is hilarious, complete with victory dances and "go Sawyer go" chants.  But I don't always let her win, so her losing is coming along too.  She can pout, sure, but can be gracious as well.  It's all a learning process.

Baths, stories, prayers then bed.  Sawyer went to bed easy and well.  Some snuggles, some songs.  She likes when I play with her hair.  Sebastian is still humming.  He hasn't had a lot of bad nights lately, and in fact the last month or so has been very good, full of sleepy nights, or nights with just one late night foray into the basement for tv.  However, he has had a lot of sugar and dairy and gluten today.  I expected it to be a hard night's sleep for him.

So, now, it's just me and the dog.  The cats have finally finished crazy time and are asleep in some warm spot somewhere.  I am watching 300, and blogging.  Both Geoff and I have used Facebook to post some lovely things about each other and our families (by linking in songs from YouTube), so the mushiness of the day can fianally end. :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.  I hope there was some love, in some form in your day.

Rosie N. Grey
The N stands for "nice and quiet".

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